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We currently operate mostly in person with the exception of our Python class which is taught online through Zoom!
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Interested in learning how you can help make computer science education more accessible? Join us!

All of our positions require zero experience and all majors are welcome! Teach LA is about growth at all levels; not just in the kids we teach, but in our team too.

To join, fill out one of our interest forms; we'll email you as soon as you do!

Want to learn more? Check out role responsibilities below to see exactly what Teach LA has in store.


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We wouldn't be Teach LA without our teachers! Work directly with students to teach them computer science! Our current classes include:

  • Intro to Python
  • Python
  • Web & Mobile App Development
  • Scratch

Interested? Fill out our Interest Form. No prior experience is required - we'll train you!


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Our curriculum team does all the magic behind the scenes! Write curriculum and create fun projects to help teach our kids! We are currently developing curriculum for the following topics:

  • Intermediate Python
  • Project-Based Turtle Curriculum
  • Project-Based Scratch Curriculum
  • Advanced Python
  • And new curriculum ideas!

Interested? Fill out our Interest Form. No prior experience is required - we'll train you!

Making Video Content

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Our in-house video team creates instructional videos to supplement our live content. We currently focus on Python, and plan on expanding soon! There's a broad set of ways to get involved:

  • Record and edit our videos
  • Write scripts, slides, and example problems
  • Create illustrations
  • Add Spanish translations to the videos

Interested? Fill out our Interest Form. No prior experience is required - we'll train you!


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Teach LA has a vibrant developer team culture that we'd love to have you join! Our dev team has two key focuses:

  1. Create software tools for accessible education
  2. Provide a welcoming space for developers to grow

Here's what we do:

  • Maintain the frontend and backend for our editor
  • Develop "learning labs", interactive web apps that explain CS concepts to kids
  • Maintain this website!
  • Trainings and mentorship from lead developers in a variety of technologies

Our dev team members have flexible schedules - pick up as much work as you want, when you want. To get started:

  1. Fill out our Dev Team Interest Form
  2. Set up your dev environment
  3. Come to our meetings! Located in MS5203


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Our special events team hosts lots of stand-alone events and short courses, usually involving collabs with other orgs. We aim to introduce CS to kids and show them what it’s all about! Cyber Day with CityLab is an example of a past event that we’ve had. Interested? Here’s what we do:

  • Collab with other clubs and work together to bring CS to kids (logistics+teaching)
  • Make curriculum and bring ideas to the table!
  • Flexible schedule and commitment--you can choose what events you’d like to help with and how you help
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Speaker Series

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For our Speaker Series, we find one-off topics that we talk about with a class to get them interested in computer science and technology. If you want to meet new students and have fun discussions with them about tech, fill out the interest form to get involved! Our current Speaker Series include:

Interested? Fill out our Interest Form. No prior experience is required - we'll train you!

Intern Program

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Teach LA has an awesome internship program that we'd love to have you join! Our interns focus on:

  1. Leading groups of developers as product managers, and/or project leads to create software tools for accessible education
  2. Leading curriculum meetings to create curriculum for our partnered schools
  3. Leading event planning and ideation to teach at schools

To learn more about our internship program, check out our internship page

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