Cyber Day with CityLab

CityLab at UCLA x ACM Teach LA

We partnered with CityLab at UCLA to run a fully virtual cyber day! Here's your one-stop shop for all of our materials!

drawing related to password security


What makes a good password? More importantly, what makes a bad password? In this mini-lesson, we’ll teach you about various aspects of password security. Are you ready?

drawing related to authentication and safe messages

Cipher Salad

What is cryptography? How do we send secret messages? What does this has to do with history, and why have computers and ciphers tossed things up? All that and more in this activity.

drawing related to privacy protection

Super Security & Super Privacy

What do security and privacy have to do with each other? How do they affect our day-to-day lives? And can we always only choose one? Discuss!