App Development with React Native

Class & Curriculum Outline

Learn mobile web development with us!

Brief Overview

A year-long course that aims to give students a wide set of practical skills and project experience: students learn how to build websites with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and then use those tools to build cross-platform mobile apps with React Native.

All of our course materials are open-source! You can click into each lesson to see the notes that we use to teach the class. On top of that, we've put all of our code examples on GitHub; you can see them in the repository.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to Matt, our school lead, or anybody else on the Teach LA team!


#1 Welcome & Course Overview

Introduction to what you'll be learning!

#2 Intro to HTML & CSS

Let's take our first look at the building blocks of the web!

#3 First Steps w/ GitHub

Have you ever wondered why GitHub is so useful? Well you're in luck!

#4 Intro to JavaScript

Time to make our website interactive!

#5 Variables and Functions

What's the deal with variables and functions?

#6 Conditionals

Get computers to make decisions for you!