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About the Dev Team

ACM Teach LA has a vibrant development team focused on using software to democratize access to education. We develop a range of web applications, from tools like our online code editor, to our interactive and narrative-focused learning labs, to this very website!

We're also an organization committed to open-source. Everything we do, from all of our projects to developer training, is available on ACM @ UCLA GitHub organization. You can even view this page on GitHub.

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Join us!

In parallel, we're a dev team focused on developer training, education, and growth. We're currently accepting new members! No experience required, membership will be purely based on application time!

  • If you’re interested in being a project lead, apply by Friday, 1/14 at 11:59 PM PT
  • For everyone else, priority given to applications before Friday, 1/14 at 11:59 PM PT

Who are we looking for? The short answer is, lots of people! We care most about people who are passionate about education and technology and want to help teach the world - previous experience or tech skills is a plus, but absolutely not required. Relevant roles include:

  • Content Developers (no coding required!)
  • Frontend Web Developers
  • Backend Web Developers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • ... and, your role, even if it's not here

Sound like something you want to do? Fill out our interest form! Or, if you want more information, you can email our our dev team director, Divya. We're excited to see you soon!

Our Projects

Editor Frontend

javascript • project repo

The frontend for our flagship and most mature product, a kid-friendly online IDE that supports Python, Processing, and HTML/CSS/JS. The frontend handles app state management and rendering views.

Lead(s): Timothy

react redux firebase sass jest & enzyme

Editor Backend

go • project repo

The backend for our flagship and most mature product, a kid-friendly online IDE that supports Python, Processing, and HTML/CSS/JS. The backend handles RESTful HTTP requests and complex DB operations.

Lead(s): Timothy

go firebase


javascript • project repo

This interactive learning module teaches kids about different types of password security, and why they're important. It ends with some social engineering and hands-on hacking! A collaboration with ACM Cyber.

Lead(s): Jamie , Alyssa

react css material

Static Website

HTML • project repo

This website! Built with love and HTML, CSS/SASS, and Jekyll (a static site generator).

Lead(s): Vivian

html sass jekyll

Getting Mean About Error

javascript • project repo

This narrative version of a critical portion of machine learning walks students through the intuition behind Mean-Squared Error, with interactive math and graphs.

Lead(s): Miles , Michelle

function-plot/d3 js bulma

Cipher Salad

javascript • project repo

In a collaboration with ACM Cyber, we explain historical methods of how we've used math to create secret messages (e.g. ciphers), and how computers have changed the game!

Lead(s): Lisha , Alyssa

react css bulma

Gradient Descent Visualiser

javascript • project repo

This mini-app acts as an interactive supplement to our AI/ML course and curriculum on linear regression and gradient descent - visualising what can be a very complex mathematical concept.

Lead(s): Matt

function-plot/d3 js bulma


typescript • project repo

Exploring how the web works, and different problems in computer science!

A collab with Creative Labs :)

Lead(s): Regina

ts react animejs lottie sass

No Filter

javascript • project repo

Deconstructing a CNN, convolution by convolution.

Lead(s): Maya , Aman , Nisha

js react


typescript • project repo

A game used to help supplement Teach LA's python courses and help students learn more about booleans!

Lead(s): Nathan

ts react

Stuff that's in the works

Bias By Us

javascript • repo

An interactive explanation of bias in machine learning.

Lead(s): Jiin

js python react aws

Cookie Jar

javascript • repo

Exploring web cookies by playing with them!

Lead(s): Rachel , Alyssa

js react

Selector Safari

javascript • repo

A game that teaches you all about CSS selectors, with animal friends!

Lead(s): Lisha

js react


javascript • project repo

A centralized source of ACM dev team learning resources for new devs to learn more about popular technologies!

Lead(s): Einar

js react

Color Lab

typescript • repo

Color Lab is an interactive color-by-number page that teaches students about how colors are represented with hex codes. For each question they answer, another piece of the picture is colored in!

Lead(s): Archie

ts react

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