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ACM Teach LA pairs UCLA students with schools in Los Angeles to provide free computer science classes. Our goal is to empower all students with the ability to code, and use it to make a difference.

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Virtual Learning

Due to updates with the COVID-19 pandemic, as of now, the majority of UCLA courses will be taught in person. As a result, Teach LA has shifted most of its classes back to in person instruction. However, our Python courses will utilize virtual spaces and will continue to operate remotely until further notice. As many of our partner schools continue to make the transition to in-person learning, we will work with teachers and our instructors to determine the best way to continue serving our students.

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How does it work?

Teach LA's flagship program is teaching classes, which typically meet once or twice a week for a quarter. Classes have a wide variety of objectives, ranging from an introduction to python or web development to advanced topics such as machine learning and data science. Each class balances instruction and time for hands-on experimentation, with trained teachers helping students learn and use the material.

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We've developed an open-source online code editor specifically targeted towards students learning how to code. Students can sign up easily, and our service stores and runs their code - which removes issues about using a specific computer, and allows students to access their code anywhere! We currently support Python, HTML, and Processing, and plan on adding more features soon!

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Our dev team develops online modules called Learning Labs that each focus on a specific topic in computer science, such as CNNs, cryptography, and password secruity. Through interactive activities and visuals, our Learning Labs aim to make complicated concepts easy to digest!

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