how to get started in


female coder with open window of code

confused about how to get started with python? here's a step-by-step learning plan that walks you through how to learn to make awesome programs, with no prior experience!

learned skills:

  • data types and operators
  • booleans and conditional statements
  • (coming soon!)
  • while loops and for loops
  • lists
  • creating functions


  • what is python?
  • why is it used?
  • how is it used?
  • what are data types?
  • practice with different data types
  • casting
  • what are operators?
  • practice with operators
  • addition, subtraction, multiplication division
  • review operators
  • what is modulus
  • what are exponents?
  • practice!
  • what are variables
  • types of variables & how to use them
  • practice


  • what is a boolean?
  • boolean logic
  • boolean operators
  • practice!
  • why are conditionals necessary?
  • how to use conditionals
  • if, elif, and else flow
  • practice