0. getting started

Hello everyone, welcome to ACM Teach LA’s series on our favorite coding language, Python! If this is your first time learning how to code, this series is for you. In this video, we’ll help you write and run your first line of code.

All you need is a computer and your brain.

Let’s get started!


  • what is python?
  • why is it used?
  • how is it used?

slides worksheet 14 min
more practice
question #1

Now that you’ve said hello to our world, the other planets are kinda sad. Write a program saying hello to the rest of the solar system! You can either say hello to each planet individually or to the whole solar system at once, it’s up to you.

print("Hello, Solar System!")


print("Hello, Mercury!")
print("Hello, Venus!")
print("Hello, Mars!")
print("Hello, Jupiter!")
print("Hello, Saturn!")
print("Hello, Uranus!")
print("Hello, Neptune!")
print("Goodbye, Pluto!")