Here are all of the awesome people that make Teach LA happen! We're UCLA students who have dedicated themselves to empowering students through computer science.

General Board

Our directors, school leads, and curriculum leads. Feel free to reach out to any of our board for more information about what we do!

picture of Joseph Ramirez

Joseph Ramirez (he/him)


picture of Sruthi Rangarajan

Sruthi Rangarajan (she/her)


picture of Eden Yu

Eden Yu (she/her)


picture of Nicholas Wang

Nicholas Wang (he/him)

Curriculum Director

picture of Carissa Ott

Carissa Ott (she/her)

JEDI Director

picture of Aarushi Verma

Aarushi Verma (she/her)

School Lead

picture of April Sun

April Sun (she/her)

School Lead

picture of Janie Kuang

Janie Kuang (she/her)

School Lead

picture of Mihir Srivastava

Mihir Srivastava (he/him)

School Lead

picture of Vera Peker

Vera Peker (she/her)

Special Events Director

Our dev consists of our team, training, learning lab, editor, design, and static site directors. Feel free to reach out to any of our board for more information about what we do!

picture of Alyssa Tadeo

Alyssa Tadeo (she/her)

Dev Team President

picture of Angela Ling

Angela Ling (she/her)

Dev Team Vice President

picture of Nicholas Hamakami

Nicholas Hamakami (he/him)


picture of Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee (she/her)

Design Director

picture of Michael Lan

Michael Lan (he/him)

Editor+Curriculum Director

picture of Lily Zhou

Lily Zhou (she/her)

Static Site Director

picture of Anooshkha Shetty

Anooshkha Shetty (she/her)

Training Director

picture of Natalie Lord

Natalie Lord (she/her)

Training Director

Instructors and Developers

Our team of instructors and developers teach in person at schools all throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District while developing new, interactive ways of making an education in computer science possible for everyone. Want to join our team? Find out more about how you can join us on our join us page!

picture of Aileen Chen

Aileen Chen (she/her)


picture of Aileen Chen

Aileen Chen (she/her)


picture of Angela Hao

Angela Hao (she/her)


Previous Boards

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was Teach LA! Many thanks to our previous boards for steering our organization in the right direction.


  • Alejandra Cervantes (2019): Director of Pedagogy
  • Apurva Panse (2018): Director of Outreach
  • Enrique Segura (2017): Instructor
  • John Stucky (2019): Instructor
  • Michael Wang (2018): Instructor
  • 2017-2018

  • Apurva Panse (2018): President and Outreach Director
  • John Stucky (2019): Head Instructor
  • Krishna Babu (2018): Logistics Director
  • Richard Wen (2019): Curriculum Director
  • 2018-2019

  • Bonnie Lee (2021): Expansion Director
  • Christina Indudhara (2020): Curriculum Director
  • Connor Borden (2019): Dev Team Director
  • Furn Techalertumpai (2020): Logistics Director
  • John Stucky (2019): President
  • Michael Grieve (2019): Curriculum Director, Lead Instructor
  • Richard Wen (2019): President and Outreach Director
  • 2019-2020

  • Arjun Subramonian (2021): Logistics Director, NHHS Lead
  • Bonnie Lee (2021): Outreach Director
  • Christina Indudhara (2020): President
  • Malak Hmimy (2021): Activities Director, Sepulveda Lead
  • Matthew Wang (2022): Dev Team Director
  • Pragathi Venkatesh (2022): Brockton Lead
  • Shane Cho (2021): Activities Director, Emerson Lead
  • Sharvani Jha (2021): NHHS Lead
  • 2020-2021

  • Arjun Subramonian (2021): Advisor, AI/ML Lead
  • Ashley Ghodsian (2022): JEDI, Python Instructor, Translator
  • Bonnie Lee (2021): Advisor
  • Chase Kapler (2023): React Native School Lead
  • Chloe Uy (2022): Outreach Director, Interim Emerson Lead
  • Helia Woo (2023): JEDI, Python Video Lead
  • Kaitlyn Wang (2022): Special Events Director
  • Keertana Namuduri (2022): Advisor
  • Leo Krashanoff (2022): Dev Team Director
  • Malak Hmimy (2021): Sepulveda Lead, Advisor
  • Matthew Wang (2022): President, Interim Dev Team Director
  • Nikhil Kumar (2022): Curriculum Director, Python Lead
  • Nina Lu (2022): Special Events Director
  • Regina Wang (2022): Special Events Director, Dev Project Lead
  • Sharvani Jha (2021): Moonshots Advisor
  • Sophie Schoenmeyer (2023): Logistics Director
  • 2021-2022

  • Advaith Gowrishetty (): Special Events Director
  • Archie Datta (2024): Design Director
  • Ava Asmani (2024): AI/ML School Lead
  • Chase Kapler (2023): React Native School Lead
  • Chloe Uy (2022): Vice President
  • Christine Kim (2024): JEDI Director
  • Divya Ponniah (2023): Dev Team Director
  • Eden Yu (2024): Special Events Director, Scratch School Lead
  • Ellie Cheng (2022): Dev Team Training Director
  • Helia Woo (2023): Python Video Lead
  • Ishani Sarkar (): Outreach Director
  • Jiin Kim (2024): Learning Labs Director
  • Kaitlyn Wang (2022): Special Events Director
  • Matthew Nieva (): Dev Team Training Director
  • Matthew Wang (2022): Advisor
  • Milo Kearney (2023): President
  • Nikhil Kumar (2022): Curriculum Director, Social Chair, Emerson Friday School Lead
  • Nina Lu (2022): Special Events Director
  • Regina Wang (2022): Dev Team Training Director
  • Robert Tran (2023): School Lead
  • Sophie Schoenmeyer (2023): President
  • Timothy Poon (): Editor Director
  • Vivian Ha (2023): Static Site Director
  • 2022-2023

  • Advaith Gowrishetty (): Special Events Director
  • Angela Ling (2024): Design Director
  • Archie Datta (2024): Dev Outreach Director
  • Ashley Lu (2024): Special Events Director
  • Ava Asmani (2024): Advisor
  • Carissa Ott (2025): JEDI Director
  • Dane Payba (2024): Special Events Director
  • Divya Ponniah (2023): Dev Advisor
  • Evan He (2024): Training Director
  • Ishani Sarkar (): Outreach Director
  • Jenny Wang (2025): Curriculum Director
  • Jiin Kim (2024): Dev Team President
  • Joseph Ramirez (2024): Curriculum Director
  • Kaitlyn Wang (2022): Advisor
  • Kaylee Harris (2024): School Lead
  • Matthew Nieva (): Dev Advisor
  • Nathan Endow (2024): Training Director
  • Nicholas Hamakami (2024): Static Site Director
  • Nikhil Kumar (2022): Advisor
  • Premkumar Gridhar (2024): Training Director
  • Robert Tran (2023): School Lead
  • Sruthi Rangarajan (2025): Teaching Director
  • Vivian Ha (2023): Dev Advisor
  • 2023-2024

    Graduating Greats!

    Teach LA honors its alumni who have stayed with the organization through graduation.