4. variables

In our data types video, we explained how data is at the core of everything we do in Python. Today, we’ll be exploring ways to harness that data with more flexiblity, namely with variables!

Variables are an extremely powerful way to store, process, and deliver data and you’ll understand why by the end of this video!


  • what are variables
  • types of variables & how to use them
  • practice

slides worksheet 12 min
more practice
question #1

Which of the following are valid variable names?

a) hello
b) hi!
c) my number
d) my_number
e) isThisOkay
f) andThis?

Lines a, d, and e are valid.

question #2

Create a variable to answer each question! Make sure the names make sense and to use the correct data type.

a) How old are you?
b) Do you like python?
c) What is 27 divided by 5?
d) What is your favorite color?
e) Who is the coolest member of Teach La?

Answers may vary, but the following is an acceptable model:

a) age = 10
b) doesLikePython = True
c) result = 27 / 5
d) favoriteColor = "blue"
e) coolestMember = "Trick Question! Every member is the coolest member 😎 check out our team page for more info!"