Our Intern Program

What is Teach LA's internship program?

teacher standing in front of backboard and developer coding on laptop

Teach LA’s internship program gives interns the opportunity to take on more responsibility within the club. Interns are grouped into cohorts according to their intern title (e.g., dev team project lead interns are grouped into a cohort). In these cohorts, interns are able to collaborate with other interns, and current Teach LA officers!

Teach LA’s internship program takes place throughout the winter quarter, and each intern is assigned a project to work on with the guidance of a current officer, either in a group or individually. At the end of the quarter, interns are given the opportunity to present their projects to the entire Teach LA board, as well as write a reflection post about their experience working on their project.

What's the difference between an intern and a general member?

General Members

  • Teach and develop curriculum as an instructor
  • Develop software with the dev team
  • Attend curriculum/dev team meetings
  • Don't need to submit an application or interview to become a part of the club
  • Welcome to join any time!


  • Help lead curriculum meetings
  • Lead projects on the dev team
  • Attend general Teach LA meetings as well as ACM all hands meetings (for interns and officers)
  • Need to submit an application and undergo an interview
  • Intern applications open in the fall, and the program is during winter quarter
  • Shadow current officers to see what they do in their role

To find out more about how you can join us as a general member, check out our join us page!

What’s the internship process like?

person being interviewed

Teach LA intern applications are accepted through the general ACM internship program application, where applicants can indicate which committees and positions they’re interested in.

For more information on how we chose our interns, check out the blog post Teach LA’s Intern Search Experience

How does Teach LA’s internship program relate to ACM’s board internship program?

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Teach LA interns are given the opportunity to meet other ACM interns and officers through the ACM Family System. The Teach LA internship program is also run through the general ACM internship program, and interns get a chance to attend ACM all hand meetings which gives them the opportunity to meet other ACM officers and interns, as well as hear more about what ACM board and other ACM committess are up to!

Want to be an intern?

Thank you for expressing interest in joining our team! Unfortunately, intern applications are currently closed for the 2020-2021 school year. Please check again in the fall for 2021-2022 intern applications. We'll be linking the applications here once they're open!