AI Ethics Speaker Series

A set of one-hour, discussion-focused events that examine ethical problems surrounding artificial intelligence. Explore examples of AI use and misuse in society, examine what's caused these problems, and what we can do to change them. No coding or math is required!

A joint collaboration with ACM AI Outreach.

drawing of a robot security guard and a person controlling it

Predictive Policing

Police have started to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict crime. But there are problems: skewed and inconsistent data, feedback loops, and misuse. But how does it all work?

Bonus: a previous iteration of our presentation.

drawing of a person interacting with several documents in the 'cloud'

Machine Learning on the Cloud

More and more computing happens in the "cloud", including deep learning. But what does that mean for our data, system reliability, and the environment? Learn about deep learning on the cloud with us!

drawing of a person beside their car

Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars have transformed from science fiction to reality with companies like Tesla and Waymo. But what are the ethical considerations surrounding autonomous vehicles? When, if ever, should they be used? Debate and discuss with us!

drawing of a giant eyeball surveilling a person

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology has become increasingly popular due to machine learning. However, it has some shortcomings: poor performance for non-white people, improperly collected data, and unethical uses. Let's explore together!

photo of catherine yeo

Thanks to: Catherine Yeo

We'd love to thank our friend Catherine Yeo for inspiring our efforts in AI ethics and fair ML education. If you're interested in more in-depth analysis, especially with some math, we encourage you to check out some of her resources: