Everything you need to know about this website.

Learn how to set up your development environment, add yourself to the teams page, add or remove classes, resources, and more! No previous coding experience required!

Get Set Up

Follow along with our in-depth setup walkthrough...

...or, if you're already a command-line guru and assuming you have git and Ruby:

$ gem install bundler
$ git clone https://github.com/uclaacm/teach-la-website.git
$ cd teach-la-website
$ bundle
$ bundle exec jeykll serve

Add Yourself to the Teams Page

Follow along with our guide to leave your mark on the club's team page!

sample profile picture

Your Name

Things you do

Going Forward: Exploring Teach LA's Resources

After adding yourself to the website, it's time to explore some of the other resources offerred by Teach LA! A great place to start is our web development crash course repo on GitHub.

And Beyond: Take on an Issue!

After you've familiarized yourself with the development tools, and brushed up on web development, you are free to work on whatever you'd like! We personally recommend that you take on an issue in our repositories tagged with "good first issue" before really digging your heels in.