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Showing text on both a phone and computer

dev | Sep 23, 2020

The Making of "Passworks"

by Jamie

In this post, I’ll discuss the process of building Passworks, an educational module consisting of several activities designed to teach password security concepts.

part of Getting Mean About Error - a chart showing Moores's law alongside a generated model

dev | Sep 19, 2020

How We Made "Getting Mean About Error"

by Miles and Michelle

The “Getting Mean About Error” module was a two-quarter-long project that we dove into with a negligible background in web development. Along the way, we picked up a few skills and upgraded our web-dev background from beginner to slightly-less-beginner.

The words Hello World! in a terminal

dev | Sep 18, 2020

Welcome to Our Blog!

by Matt and Leo

Hey there! This is Matt and Leo, Teach LA’s current president and dev team director respectively. We’ve always wanted to make the inner workings of Teach LA more transparent: what goes on at our meetings, what do we learn from teaching, and what does our dev team even do?