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Repeating image of the blog home screen

dev | Jan 4, 2021

New Year, New Blog

by Trevor, Shounak, and Getty V

This past quarter, we finished implementing several new and exciting features for the Teach LA Blog! As new members of the Dev Team, this was our first experience working on a large codebase with many contributors. Because of this, there was some nervousness with committing changes that we feared would break everything. But alas, we did not break everything and we hope that these new features will be useful to our readers.

Showing off our icons for each class page!

dev | Jan 4, 2021

Introducing Our New Curriculum Pages!

by Einar, Jun, Alex, and Prateek

Our Classes & Curriculum page hosts content dedicated to all of our classes, from our introductory Python course to our mobile/web app development courses. As stated on the page, having a place where anyone can access material from our classes is integral to Teach LA’s mission. It’s our hope that by making our classes as accessible as possible, we can begin to reach an even wider audience and, hopefully, a more diverse demographic!

Cipher Salad's interactive Caesar cipher!

dev | Oct 13, 2020

Ingredients of "Cipher Salad"

by Rachel, Leo, Janis, and Lisha

We prepared Cipher Salad in collaboration with ACM Cyber and CityLab at UCLA as an introductory cryptography mini lesson for students of all ages. Cryptography is one of those subjects that can intimidate even a college CS student (ourselves included!), but it’s an important part of CS, and we wanted to make it accessible to as many people as possible.