Developer Resources

Here are some resources that we've created to help with developer onboarding, training, and tooling!

Learning Resources

Learning Labs Crash Course

Over Summer '20, we made 18 videos (and accompanying written notes) covering everything you need to know to work on our learning labs! We cover the basics of HTML, CSS, and JS; dive into React; and touch on DevOps, accessibility and best practices, and even Firebase and backends!

If you're just joining Teach LA, we'll most likely point you towards these resources!

Watch the videos on YouTube, or follow along with the notes on Github!

QWER Hacks React/Firebase Workshops

We love working with QWER Hacks, the first collegiate LGBTQIA+ hackathon - held right here at UCLA!

We've coprogrammed with them by developing workshops on React and Firestore. They're great short intros to how to use some of the newer web technologies and make your own web app!

2021 Workshops

2020 Workshop

Dev Team Intern Training (Winter '21)

We ran a set of in-depth training sessions with our dev team interns to cover practical topics related to our workflow. Sessions range from intro to project management to CI/CD and linting to intro to backend.

There's a bit of overlap with our learning labs crash course; you can check that our first!

Follow along with the notes on GitHub!


Barebones React Template

We set up a template repository for React projects with automatic build actions, dependabot setup, and some other neat things! Light and unopionated, this starter powers a few of our internal React projects.

Check out our GitHub repository!