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We love what we do, and we want to share it with you! Here are some insights from our members on how our club operates: how we teach, write code, and create a community!

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A picture of Winter '22 Dev Demo Day!

reflection | Sep 22, 2022

'21-'22 Dev Board Reflections

by Archie, Jiin, Matt, Tim, and Regina

It’s been a hectic board cycle this year, going from a singular dev team president to eight different board members and restructuring midway through the term. These major changes, compounded with our growing number of members (90 members*, and 15+ projects over the year), made for a challenge as we navigated defining our roles together. With that, let’s see what our board thinks about their year!

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A picture with Chase, Helia, Leo, Nina, Regina, Robert, Sophie, and Matt

reflection | Mar 28, 2021

'20-'21 Board Reflections

by Chase, Helia, Kaitlyn, Leo, Nina, Regina, Robert, Sophie, and Matt

Repeating image of the blog home screen

dev | Jan 4, 2021

New Year, New Blog

by Trevor, Shounak, and Getty V

Showing off our icons for each class page!

dev | Jan 4, 2021

Introducing Our New Curriculum Pages!

by Einar, Jun, Alex, and Prateek

Some of our lovely interns and board members!

internship | Dec 16, 2020

Teach LA’s Intern Search Experience

by Bonnie and Sophie

Cipher Salad's interactive Caesar cipher!

dev | Oct 13, 2020

Ingredients of "Cipher Salad"

by Rachel, Leo, Janis, and Lisha

Showing text on both a phone and computer

dev | Sep 23, 2020

The Making of "Passworks"

by Jamie

part of Getting Mean About Error - a chart showing Moores's law alongside a generated model

dev | Sep 19, 2020

How We Made "Getting Mean About Error"

by Miles and Michelle

The words Hello World! in a terminal

dev | Sep 18, 2020

Welcome to Our Blog!

by Matt and Leo