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We love what we do, and we want to share it with you! Here are some insights from our members on how our club operates: how we teach, write code, and create a community!

Interested in more formal reflections on the inner workings of our club? Check out reports section. Curious in how we handle teaching an artificial intelligence and machine learning class at a high school, or our joint efforts to provide AI education? Peep the ACM AI blog!

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A picture of Winter '22 Dev Demo Day!
A picture with Chase, Helia, Leo, Nina, Regina, Robert, Sophie, and Matt
Repeating image of the blog home screen
Showing off our icons for each class page!
Some of our lovely interns and board members!
Cipher Salad's interactive Caesar cipher!
Showing text on both a phone and computer
part of Getting Mean About Error - a chart showing Moores's law alongside a generated model
The words Hello World! in a terminal

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